30/30 Club

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Brad P. - 30/30 Club

The 30-30 Club is how you make the most out of what Brad P. has to offer.

Instead of just tackling random aspects of game by buying this product or another, the 30-30 Club makes sense of your learning journey by teaching you pickup step by step and in an orderly fashion.

You will be given theory and in-field drills one step at a time, and you will advance through Brad P.’s products in the right order and at the right stage of your pickup progress.

The Club will also make sure you are not alone as you learn – you will get access to instructors, and to other club members through the 30-30 Forum.

The forum is not open to the public, and successful members are vouched for, so you know you’re getting advice from people who actually kill it in-field rather than keyboard seducers. No blind leading the blind.

If you are serious about learning game and actually making it work, the 30-30 Club is by far the most efficient way to go about it.